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I want to introduce you to the personality of the painter Guillermo Castellví Sayez, and to his lovely Drawing and Painting Studio. He studied fine arts because painting has always been his great vocation. Among his achievements is the use of oil paints, watercolors and a wide variety of techniques he himself has developed and which include the use of many different materials.

Guillermo Castellví Sayez's studio breathes an atmosphere that faithfully reflects his personality and this is where one also finds his virtue of knowing how to transmit to his students the world of art. In a very short time, he brings out the best in these prospective artists, to the point where many are themselves surprised with their own achievements and even say that the classes are for them the best therapies possible because they also learn to enjoy the surroundings of companionship which come into being in the group.

The study is located in a small corner of the Pedralbes neighborhood in Barcelona , at the entrance to a park full of plants and flowers. It includes selected music during the classes, which creates an ideal setting for artistic inspiration. Trying the classes is certainly worthwhile to convince those interested of the reality experienced by the painter and the international clientele. When these artists return to their countries of origin, they readily claim that there is no other place like this one, nor any other teacher like Guillermo.

Dare to come and see how true this is. We will welcome you with open arms—and the first class is free of charge, with no other conditions.

Estudio de Dibujo y Pintura Pedralbes C/Dr. Ferrán nº 24-26 08034 Barcelona. Tel 93 205 72 93 Fax 93 204 95 31